SoJourn Foundation


Mission Statement

We at Sojourn Foundation aspire to connect people through soulful journeys that focus on working with children in developing countries while sharing personal growth experiences and opportunities for adventure in unique, global settings.

One week. Five mothers. Hundreds of hearts touched. Thousands of miles away. This was the birth of a life-changing shift for those of us at Sojourn Foundation. After traveling to Africa and working together with children in an orphanage and primary school in Tanzania, we recognized instantly that our paths would continue onward with giving back and doing good. Just as the beautiful smiles on the faces of these children invited us in, we hope to invite you in as well.

Welcome to Sojourn Foundation. Travel with us. Walk with us. Learn with us. Serve with us. Do good with us!


Tanzania, Africa

On the other side of the world, grounded near the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an exceptionally beautiful and tranquil African village called Mbahe Village exists. Gentle sloped hills and pastures give refuge to families of villagers and their livestock. Here, after many years of annual visits, we have offered the promise of support to Mbahe Primary School. With no local transportation, students must walk long distances to learn in buildings with dirt floors, glassless windows, no electricity and no school supplies. Additionally, we also visit and bring needed funds and supplies to the children of Light In Africa Children’s Home, who are in crisis situations. After our visits with these wonderful children who are the heart of our journey, we are fortunate enjoy the natural beauty and magnificence of the African landscape and its animals while on safari. 


Belmopan, Belize

In the foothills of the Maya Mountains, we are able to enjoy the history, people, wildlife and culture of Belize - once the center of the Mayan empire. Resting on a wide range of diverse cultural and linguistic traditions, Belize intertwines Chinese, Creole, East Indian, European, Lebanese, Mayan, Mennonite and Mestizo roots to define its own national heritage. As a primarily English-speaking country, Belize is the perfect spot for our Sojourn Team members to connect with the children they serve at both Garden City Primary School and Marla’s House of Hope children’s home. These children come from disadvantaged as well as desperate situations, and are grateful for all we

bring in terms of tangible supplies, time spent

and care offered.


La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Near the patchwork patterns of village farms and below the beautiful cloud-fringed Arenal Volcano, we are introduced to a small town called La Fortuna. The picturesque spot is situated alongside a Costa Rican rainforest, a lush paradise in the heart of the Arenal Volcano National Park. Here, our Sojourn Foundation ambassadors visit and provide school and home life supplies to both Escuela La Unión as well as San Juan Bosco Orphanage. With the goal of maintaining a relationship with both the school and orphanage so that we may benefit them with financial assistance for years to come, we have found our wonderful gem of a spot here in La Fortuna. Beyond our school and orphanage stops, discovering the beauty and bio-diversity of Costa Rica is a must do in this welcoming part of the world.

Come join us on a soulful journey to help children in developing countries